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What is the ABC Construction Management Program?

Why should you use it?


ABC completely manages your custom home building project for a "fixed fee." This fee does not change, no matter how many changes or upgrades you want or need. Thus, there is no incentive to inflate builder costs. In fact, our goal at ABC is to complete your project below the original budget! This concept is unheard of in traditional General Contracting circles.


Unlike typical owner/builder programs, the ABC Manager prepares all cost breakdowns for bank-required documents, facilitates contracts with trade contractors and suppliers, helps prevent disputes and is available for mediation when necessary. In other words, the ABC Manager is the owner's advocate throughout and beyond the building process.


The advantages of the ABC program are very clear:


+ Overhead is reduced. Accounting done by owner.

+ Taxes are reduced -- sales tax on contract labor and material only -- no sales tax on Management fee

+ No redundant liability

+ No redundant warranty

+ Manager reviews all invoices before owner pays.

+ Budget meetings are held monthly with owner.


The ABC Construction Management Program is designed and implemented to obtain the highest quality construction for you at the lowest cost. Call us today at 253.630.2400 and set an appointment to get all the details on how our program can help you realize the home of your dreams.

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